Black cats not being rehomed because they don't look good in selfies…

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Black cats not being rehomed because they don’t look good in selfies…

What is wrong with this world. I took a black cat in specifically because
he had been at the rescue for so long because no one wants black cats.

Clyde is genuinely one of the most loving cats I have ever encountered. He is lying on my belly purring like a train as I write this.


This is Clyde..

I cannot begin to imagine how these people must judge everything via looks, people, animals, everything. Shame on them for being so shallow. Shame on their parents for easing such despicable human beings.

Black cats are still cats, they are still living, breathing, beautiful creatures that are entitled to loving homes and families.

Clyde has a home for life, think about it, why can’t you regime a black cat. If its for these reasons than maybe you should rethink your life.

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